The 2-day speaker programme hosted across three open stages will deliver some 30+ hours of free to attend expert intelligence, case studies, best practice and tech-insight ‘snapshots’, to inspire and assist next level investment and operational strategies for attending industry groups across the UK chemicals & chemical product sectors.

Centre stage will be critical themes such as process innovation, improvement & intensification, sustainability & responsible care, digitisation, new technology, plant & supply chain management, process safety & regulatory landscape, global trade, sector skills, Brexit and more.

  • FOCUS – Chemical Business & Operations management
  • FOCUS – Raw Materials, Ingredients & Chemicals
  • FOCUS – Laboratory/Research & Development
  • FOCUS – Plant, Process, Flow & Control
  • FOCUS – Health & Safety/Environmental, Regulatory & Compliance
  • FOCUS – Logistics/Fulfilment
  • FOCUS – Skills/Training/HR


By far the two ‘standout’ themes across 2020 2-day conference address the crucial topics of the sector’s transition towards ‘digitalisation’ and separately the challenge of stepping up to the demands of ‘sustainability & circular economy’

Digitalisation/Industry 4.0:

2020 programme set to embrace themes including:

  • Digital Transformation for the Chemical Industry-
  • Digital/Connected workforce
  • predicative maintenance /predictive intelligence data
  • IOT and site instrumentation
  • Digital solutions addressing safety, security & reliability
  • Security of critical operational data
  • Affordability of digital technology/ digital investment
  • Risk mitigation – harnessing technology for more effective asset management
  • Digitally connected packaging
  • Robotic tanker loading
  • Networked digital technologies & cyber risks
  • Digital twinning of chemical processes
  • Cyber security, challenges & opportunities in the industrial digital world
  • Tank Storage industry Cyber Security
  • Drivers for next level digital tranmsformation (sustainability/transparency)
  • From Data Collection to Actionable Insights ….. and more

Sustainability/Circular Economy/Green Chemistry

2020 programme set to embrace themes including:

  • Biobased raw materials
  • Consumer led demands/extended producer responsibility
  • Life cycle approach for manufacturers
  • Demands for zero avoidable waste
  • Circular economy demands for debonding, dismantlability and re-use of materials
  • Tackling the plastic pollution challenge
  • Role of bio-based plastics, the potential for chemical recycling, and innovative plastic substitutes
  • Material Circularity and Recycling
  • Minimising waste ion chemical formulation
  • sustainable chemical packaging
  • Decarbonisation
  • Life Cycle Thinking (LCT)
  • Sustainability and transparency as drivers of next level digital transformation
  • Carbon capture ….. and more