Busch Vacuum Solutions has expanded its range of OTTO Digital Services to include vacuum systems. OTTO for systems enables the simultaneous monitoring of multiple vacuum generators in a vacuum system and the supervision of the production process to ensure that it runs reliably and with the correct vacuum levels. This effectively minimizes the risk of production downtime and leads to significant cost savings. Accessible via a PC or a mobile device, the OTTO IoT dashboard presents a user-friendly interface for comprehensive system monitoring.

OTTO for systems provides extensive insights into the status of production processes. Customers can define parameters specific to their process, such as process vacuum level, absorbed power or ambient temperature. OTTO measures and stores these parameters. Thus, costly breakdowns can be avoided as the ideal moment for the next maintenance is indicated. With the appropriate service contract, the analysis of the data and remote supervision of the process is carried out by Busch, on-site service for a quick fix included.

OTTO IoT kits are available to retrofit existing vacuum systems. Via an integrated electronic SIM card, the OTTO box transmits the signals from the sensors securely to the Busch cloud, where they are interpreted and sent to the OTTO IoT dashboard. OTTO for systems can be operated as a stand-alone solution or integrated into the Busch control system.

With the addition of OTTO for vacuum systems, Busch is expanding its already comprehensive range of OTTO solutions. OTTO excels in early problem detection, aiding in the prevention of unplanned downtime in factories. Ultimately, it ensures optimal process safety, contributing to increased productivity.