PPT is an initiative aimed at reducing the use of plastic packaging and increasing recycling rates. It applies to plastic packaging produced in or imported into the UK that does not contain at least 30% recycled plastic. As a food packaging manufacturer, you can mitigate costs associated with the PPT by incorporating recycled plastic into your packaging materials.

Metrohm offer a solution to help you avoid PPT costs by ensuring compliance with recycled plastic content requirements. With the NEW OMNIS NIRS analyser and pre-calibration models, you can accurately determine the recycled plastic content in your packaging materials. By utilising recycled plastic above the 30% threshold, you can minimise or eliminate PPT liabilities.

Additionally, Metrohm’s solution streamlines quality control processes, saving time and costs associated with traditional chemical or physical measurements. With rapid, chemical-free analysis provided by NIR Spectroscopy, you can efficiently verify the recycled plastic content in your packaging materials, ensuring compliance with PPT regulations. Optimise production efficiency, minimise costs, and contribute to sustainability goals by increasing the use of recycled materials in your food packaging products.

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