Anton Paar, a leading expert in precision instruments for material characterisation, has announced the launch of a new accessory for existing rheometers, heralding a cost-effective solution for analysing envelope density. This latest innovation promises to enhance production, as well as characterisation and quality control of solids throughout various industries by offering automated, standards-compliant analysis capabilities.

The accessory, known for its budget-friendly appeal, integrates seamlessly with Anton Paar’s renowned rheometers. This solution offers not only the ability to measure envelope density but also the capability – with additional accessories – to tap into other areas of materials characterisation such as powder rheology, dynamic mechanical analysis, tribology, conventional mechanical testing, and of course classical rheometry.

Customers opting for this accessory will have all the instruments they need from a single supplier known for its top expertise in powder material characterisation and a reputation for excellent worldwide service and rapid delivery times. With the Anton Paar Ultrapyc Series, customers can combine envelope density measurement with skeletal density determination to automatically calculate the porosity of specimens. This holistic approach ensures a seamless experience from purchase to operation, underscoring Anton Paar’s dedication to customer satisfaction and technological advancement.

With the inclusion of the innovative Toolmaster feature, the device automatically detects measuring geometry and adjusts settings accordingly, eliminating the need for manual configuration and further streamlining the analytical process. This enhancement not only bolsters efficiency but also solidifies Anton Paar’s commitment to providing comprehensive solutions that address the pressing needs of modern industries.

Equipped with the state-of-the-art RheoCompass software, which complies with 21 CFR Part 11, the device ensures correct data storage and provides utmost transparency, especially for pharmaceutical customers.

Anton Paar invites interested parties to explore the benefits of this envelope density device further and discover how it can revolutionise their analysis processes. With this addition, Anton Paar continues to set industry standards, offering innovative solutions that meet the needs of today’s demanding production environments.

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