Like many organisations in the chemical industry, Novaflex responded quickly to the COVID crisis.  After recognising increased uncertainty at the end of 2019, Novaflex had already started to build stocks of hose before the increase in demand for cleaning products and hand gels, then food products, before supporting a variety of oil refinery maintenance projects around the world.

When consumers created sudden spikes of product demand, Novaflex supplied hoses to food manufacturers to get their lines up and running. As the hospitality sector began to reopen, brewers and distillers turned to Novaflex hose to restart production. Thankfully, manufacturers across all sectors quickly learned to cope with the uncertainty surrounding COVID itself. Gradually, the focus shifted to the wider economic impact. Novaflex have supported a variety of oil refinery maintenance projects with composite hoses for clearing and cleaning, and the supply of mining and material handling hose to new mineral extraction projects around the world. As autumn and winter approach in the northern hemisphere, Novaflex is busy gearing up for seasonal challenges facing the economy. These include the construction of ‘pumpflex’ hoses for the movement of flood water, and sweeper hoses for leaf and debris collection.

The Novaflex Group™ was founded in 1977, and is the largest privately-owned North American designer and manufacturer of hose, duct, connectors, venting, and chimney products.

Comprehensive Range of Hose and Fittings

Novaflex makes and supplies a wide range of rubber, extruded thermoplastic, and marine hose products in their North American facilities and supplies them around the world through the UK facility. Products cover the complete range of material handling, air, chemical, petroleum, food grade, material handling, mining, steam and water, sweeper and vacuum hoses, as well as a wide range of expansion joints, fittings and connectors. The UK factory manufactures, distributes and holds hose stock for customers around the rest of the world.

Composite Hose

Factories in the UK and North America produce flexible, lightweight composite hose for liquid transfer. Composite hoses offer resistance to a wide variety of chemicals and aggressive media and are available in a complete range of advanced films and fabrics to meet a variety of applications. All composite hoses are manufactured and tested to meet customer specifications for standard and special chemical, petroleum, oil, water, and for vapour recovery, and are available in a wide variety of externally crimped dry seal fittings. Composite hoses are manufactured to different British, European and International standards, including BS EN 13765, BS 5842, and BS 3492, depending on their application, and are designed to fit a comprehensive range of stems, seals, and fittings, to provide safe and reliable performance in application.

Rubber Hoses

All products are available in a complete range of tube compounds, including EPDM, UHMWP, Teflon, Nitrile, and Viton (amongst others), for added resistance to abrasion, heat and corrosive conditions, and in a wide variety of diameters. The Novaflex range includes material handling, petroleum, food grade, chemical and mining hoses, expansion joints and connectors with custom end configurations from built-in lined flanges to beaded ends. Hoses are manufactured to a variety of standards including FDA, 3A, USDA, and REACH.

Extruded Thermoplastic Ducting

Extruded thermoplastic duct and hose products manufactured for use in material handling, clean room environments, fume control, welding, exhaust, agriculture, cable conduit and custom OEM applications. Novaflex ducting has been designed to offer superior flexibility; high temperature, chemical resistance and abrasion resistance using advanced plastics technology.

Marine Hose Products

Marine hose products for ship-to-shore transfer, ship-to-ship transfer, wellhead material supply, rig gas exchange, ship manifold exchange and marine refueling, and are constructed to marine service specifications in accordance with I.M.O., U.S. Coast Guard and ABYC Regulations.

Hose Fittings

Novaflex offer a wide range of hose fittings tailor made to fit perfectly with our own range of hoses, and for a range of applications from simple ASA150s to specialist HDC Hi-flow dry release couplings conforming to the dimensional requirements of STANAG 3756PHE.

Technical Support and Advice

Whatever the application, Novaflex provide technical support and advice to help users specify the right product for the right application. Behind the scenes, research and development is backed by investment to ensure Novaflex products continue to meet evolving customer demands.