Mag-drive pumps are a suitable pump if the application in question requires the complete containment of the process fluid being pumped (liquids that are corrosive, explosive, flammable, toxic, ultrapure and/or expensive).

Magnetic coupling:

Instead of having a shaft that passes through the body of the pump, which requires a dynamic seal, the pump has one assembly of external magnets attached to the shaft of the motor and a second assembly of internal magnets attached to the impeller inside the pump body. When the motor rotates, the magnetic field generated between the two magnets means that the impeller turns in the pump body. The liquid to be pumped is therefore contained within the hermetically sealed pump housing without the risk of any leaks from the shaft seal. This means there is no direct or indirect path through which any fluids or gases can escape which can pose a risk to both operators and the environment.


Mag-drive pumps made out many different metallic and non-metallic materials, giving a wide choice for excellent chemical compatibility. They can be configured for applications with low & high temperatures, high system pressures, Atex certification and self-priming ability.

Advantages of magnetic drive pumps:

  • Very low risk of fluid emissions from the pump
  • Low maintenance seal less design
  • No mechanical seal materials selection choices
  • No expensive seal support systems
  • Magnetic coupling means no damages to the motor if pump gets jammed
  • Quick wet end and service replacement
  • Low customer Life Cycle Costs


To conclude, make sure you consider the Life Cycle Costs of ownership of the pump you purchase. Initial cost is a small part of the overall ownership cost.

It is important to understand that mag-drive pumps are not a cure for all difficult liquid applications. Improper selection will cause more problems than they were intended to solve and will cost a plant dearly. Pump users are advised to make use of the technical expertise of the pump manufacturers and their appointed sales distributors.