Vacuum is used to make the most of our surroundings and in many parts of our lives, from the packaging of our food to the treatment of our sewage, from the screens and batteries for our cell phones and computer to the drugs used in saving lives.

Vacuum plays an essential role in chemical and pharmaceutical processes. Whether in vacuum conveying, inertization, distilling or drying processes, vacuum is used everywhere to make processes safer, faster and more economical or to make them possible in the first place. By removing air from the installation, explosions and leaks are prevented.

In addition, oxidation of the value compound is reduced. For all applications requiring a vaporisation such as drying, evaporation or distillation, operating under vacuum allows to lower the boiling point thus reducing the required sensible heat and the degradation of the compounds.

Vacuum is also used in pneumatic conveying (no leaks of chemicals are they are under reduced pressure), filtration and packaging.

Vacuum technology has evolved greatly over the last 30 years with the development of dry technologies. Liquid ring vacuum pumps and steam ejectors have been the robust workhorses for many decades when it comes to generating vacuum.

However, like rotary vane vacuum pumps with recirculating oil lubrication, they have one disadvantage: they require an operating fluid that comes into contact with the process gas.

The major diference to the vacuum pumps known at that time was that screw vacuum pumps did not require any operating fluid to compress the process gas.

This is why they are called “dry” screw vacuum pumps. Dry screw vacuum technology is now also widely used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

The dry screw vacuum pumps allow energy and utility saving compared to the well-known liquid ring vacuum pump and the steam ejectors. Moving from a liquid ring vacuum pump to a dry solution allows us to reduce the energy consumption by around 20% on the motor.

Replacing steam ejectors allows users to make savings on the energy that would have been consumed to create and condense the steam in addition to reducing the amount of contaminated water.

This is non-existent with dry screw vacuum pumps. These savings in terms of energy, utility consumption and waste management are key to develop a greener industry.

“Busch provides leading edge vacuum and overpressure technology, from packaging food, sterilizing medical equipment, lifting massive steel tubes to thousands of other applications.”

Busch is a solution provider. Our extensive portfolio draws on the widest range of vacuum and overpressure technologies. It allows us to cover the 14 decades of vacuum from rough to ultra-high vacuum.

It is now completed by overpressure generation of up to 10 bar(g). To name just a few technologies: rotary vane, claw, screw, liquid ring vacuum technology. And many more.

Based on our experience, the ingredients for the perfect vacuum solution can be summarised in three ways. Vacuum pumps: We shape vacuum. With the widest range of vacuum technologies.

​Vacuum systems: We tailor your system. With our vacuum pumps at the heart. And vacuum service: We help you. With the most extensive global service network.

Our goal is to free our customers of unnecessary constraints related to vacuum. Our vacuum experts can offer you stand alone pumps, standard systems, or tailored made solutions to fit your process and requirements.

We can support you as early as your first idea of modification or new constructionusing vacuum to the design of the most suited solution, on site commissioning, training of your engineer, operator and maintenance teams. Part of our offer are vacuum audits to identify the opportunities of optimization of your complete vacuum installation.

Last but not least, thanks to our extensive global service network, we make sure your solution runs trouble free whenever you need it.

“One team around the world: we employ the best people and challenge them.”

Busch Vacuum Solutions was founded in 1963 by Dr.-Ing. Karl and his wife Ayhan Busch and was further expanded together with the second generation, Ayla, Sami and Kaya Busch.

The managementof the company is entirely in the hands of the Busch family. With the HUCKEPACK, Dr. Ing. Karl Busch developed the first vacuum pump for food packaging.

Busch founded his first overseas company in the UK in 1971. Busch is now represented worldwide with 3,500 employees in 44 countries and 66 own companies.

Today, the comprehensive product portfolio includes solutions for vacuum and overpressure applications in all industrial sectors, including the chemical, semiconductor, medical technology, plastics, and food sectors.

The founders, their daughter and sons all work in our company every day.