LAUDA are proud to present the world’s first mobile, ultra-deep chest freezer – LAUDA MOBIFREEZE. Our commitment to reducing our impact on the planet and supporting a greener future are exemplified in our latest product.

The MOBIFREEZE guarantees safe and reliable deep-freezing. The mobile ultra-deep freeze chest freezer with active temperature control ensures that the cold chain is reliably maintained in intralogistics and for the inter-factory transport in road logistics. Thanks to excellent insulating properties, the ultra-deep-freeze chest freezer is the perfect solution for transporting delicate and temperature-sensitive materials.

We are proud to announce that this chest freezer gets down to -86°C without the need of hazardous dry ice. As well as providing protection for the environment, the risks of personal safety are also alleviated.

The re-chargeable battery is another environmentally friendly feature of this unit. High performance and integrated into the unit, it only takes a short time to charge up and can run for hours at the lowest temperatures.

This unit also boasts modern refrigeration technology and high insulation quality – vacuum panels with impermeable foamed polyurethane insulation provides high temperature stability with low power consumption. The interior consists completely of high-grade stainless steel and reliably prevents the cover seals from freezing on. The environmentally friendly, future-proof operating principle using natural refrigerants without dry ice provides independence from consumables and phase-change materials.

The MOBIFREEZE is also highly versatile in a range of environments including;

Intralogistics – including all processes from incoming goods and storage to internal transport and outgoing goods. Our mobile ultra-deep-freeze chest freezer secures the cold chain during transport.

Cold Chain Logistics – The transport of temperature sensitive goods poses major challenges for everyone involved. The MOBIFREEZE provides significant advantages in this segment of low temperature management though several ways. Transportation without dry-ice, idea product temperatures and active cooling.

Hybrid Use – The bridging of transport phases is guaranteed by the active, powered deep-freeze storage and excludes the health risks of continuous filling with dry ice. Flexible changing from storage to transport without transfer processes allows product-friendly logistics without the risk of damage and contamination.

If you’re eager to learn more about what the MOBIFREEZE can do, or want to hear more about our other temperature control products that are helping the environment, don’t hesitate to get in touch using the information below:


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