Bournemouth, UK – MRPeasy, the leading cloud-based manufacturing software provider
for small businesses, proudly announces reaching a significant milestone of
maintaining 400 active clients in the United Kingdom. This achievement underscores
the growing trust and reliance of UK-based small manufacturers on MRPeasy’s
comprehensive software solution.

“Reaching 400 active clients in the UK is not just a number for us; it represents the
strong partnerships we have formed with UK manufacturers and our commitment to
supporting the industry’s evolving needs,” says Sara Duff, UK Business Development
Manager at MRPeasy.

In the past year alone, MRPeasy has made strides to further improve its platform,
introducing the Master Production Schedule (MPS) and a B2B customer portal,
alongside an innovative AI Chatbot designed to assist with software implementation
and usage queries. These advancements, along with a plethora of more minor updates
and added reporting capabilities, are part of MRPeasy’s ongoing efforts to tailor its
offerings to the unique challenges faced by the small manufacturing sector.

The celebration of 400 active clients comes just one year after MRPeasy marked the
300 client milestone in the UK, demonstrating rapid growth and the increasing adoption
of MRP solutions. Globally, MRPeasy services 1700 clients across 60 countries, with a
strong presence in the UK, USA, Canada, and Australia.

Recent surveys among MRPeasy users highlight significant efficiency and delivery
accuracy improvements, with companies reporting an average 54% increase in
operational efficiency and a 39% rise in the rate of on-time deliveries after implementing
the software.

Scottish chemical manufacturer Stakam is one of the UK clients that has seen major
improvements after implementing MRPeasy. Managing Director Alistair Watson says, “I
feel like we struck gold with MRPeasy. It’s become such an asset that I often grapple
between wanting to keep it as our secret weapon and the desire to showcase our robust
systems, which have unlocked more flexibility to drive client acquisition.”

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