MHT Technology sent a record 64 Temperature Multiplexers out of the door this week, heading all the way to the Arctic. The TM188 devices will be used in the construction of an LNG facility on the Siberian coast, where they will perform an important function monitoring temperatures of the vast LNG storage tanks, ensuring the safety of the many workers at the site and the Arctic environment.

The TM188 devices were selected for this project for their track record of reliability in this harsh environment earned on the Yamal LNG site, and compliance with Russian safety standards for use in explosive atmospheres. The devices integrate easily into automated control systems by virtue of their Modbus over RS485 server interface with which the engineers at the site are familiar.

MHT was delighted to receive the order back in August: one of the largest hardware orders in the history of the company. Despite a challenging year with the global pandemic and government COVID restrictions, we still managed to ship the order out the door on time with efficiency and have ended the year with great success.