At Freightroute Ltd we have been carriers of Dangerous Goods for over 20 years. As you can imagine this is a very heavily regulated part of road transport and to that end has meant continued investments to ensure we always meet our legal obligations without fail, ensuring our drivers always have the right training and equipment.

Our Drivers

Most of our drivers are fully ADR Qualified. And if they are not, on induction to Freightroute, they go through ADR Awareness training. This covers ADR Security which includes the DfT ‘Lockdown’ video, a Freightroute presentation which was put together in collaboration by our Occupational, Health & Safety, Risk Management Manager, and Training Manager and also a Freightroute Awareness video presentation followed by a questionnaire. On completion, our drivers are awarded with an ADR Awareness Certificate which is then re-trained every two years. We then move our drivers on to the full ADR course as soon as possible and renew as needed.

In addition to this, our forklift drivers and office staff are also all ADR Awareness trained. As part of the induction and re-induction programme, we also train our drivers in SWP004 ADR security, SWP007 Hazardous and non-Hazardous spill procedures and SWP008 safe handling of class 4.3 (Dangerous when wet).


As part of our vehicle investment programme, we have made modifications to ensure our vehicles can be fully equipped and carry all the required ADR response equipment. This included a review of the fire extinguisher storage and ADR response kit boxes, so that they are in the most accessible place, but also to keep the equipment clean and useable should the need arise. The equipment is checked daily by each of our trained drivers, and our management teams carry out planned observation checks each month. Along with the vehicle spill equipment, our vehicles are also equipped with Personal Protective Equipment and carry instructions in writing.


At Freightroute we are a DVSA & SQA accredited centre, with our own ADR instructor who carries out both initial and refresher training to our employees. He is supported by an external DGSA (Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor) and our Emergency Response partner Adler & Allan.

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