Cubis® II Ultra Micro & Micro Balance MCA 2.7S & MCA 10.6S
Organic impurities can arise during the manufacturing process and/or storage of a product. Sample preparation is a key step used to identify these process-related impurities.

Cubis®️ II Premium ultra-micro and micro balances are ideal for sample preparation for analytical applications that require very small sample quantities (e.g., elemental analysis). Cubis II® ultra-micro and micro balances are the only laboratory balances with fully customizable hardware, software, and connectivity. These design elements guarantee a higher degree of adaptability for different workflows, whilst the gesture sensors lower the probability of contamination and reduce human interference during measurement.

Additional features include:

– Modern user interfaces with ergonomic sample handling and easy process integration
– Pharmaceutical and GxP compliance (including data handling, data integrity and connectivity)
– High accuracy and precision

Best models in this application are the MCA2.7S as well as the MCA10.6S.

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