Sartolab® P20 Pressure Filters

Water and wastewater analysis is key to ensuring quality control standards are met and upheld. Groundwater is a drinking water source and consequently must be monitored closely to confirm its suitability for consumption. Unfortunately, groundwater can become contaminated with heavy metals from landfill and industrial site wastewater. Continuous monitoring of the wastewater emerging from these sites enables the detection of potential contaminates that may be leached into the surrounding groundwater, compromising its quality and safety.

The Sartolab® P20 pressure filter is a unit which can be used for sterile filtration or clarification of media, solvent mixtures, and aqueous solutions. The filters can process batches up to 10 L at a time.
These pressure filters can help workflows to detect heavy metals heavy metals and chlorine in water.

Other benefits include:

– Highest flow rates with a large surface  of filtration (20 cm²)
– Version available with a prefilter for particle-high-loaded solutions

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