When it comes to the environmental monitoring of laboratories, cleanrooms, production lines and storage facilities, quick and easy access to crucial data is key.

Whether they are assets within the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, cosmetic, food industries or R&D facilities the basic prerequisites are the same – the need for a flexible and accessible system that can be completely trusted.

And reliability is the cornerstone of the Rotronic Monitoring System (RMS).

A modular system of hardware and web-based software, it affords tailor-made solutions – it can either be supplied as a complete package or selected elements integrated with clients’ existing hardware or software. RMS is FDA 21CFR part 11 compliant, GAMP 5 and the software is rated category 4.

RMS is arguably one of the most flexible monitoring systems available on the market today, its configuration possibilities range from a small application with a single measurement point to the most comprehensive of systems with hundreds of measurement points.

The latest RMS loggers are used to monitor temperature, humidity, CO2, a wide range of other gases and differential pressure. Any parameter devices with an analogue output can be integrated.

RMS is suited to many applications, including:

  • Storage monitoring
  • Indoor air quality in buildings, hospitals and work places
  • Environmental chamber and product stability monitoring
  • Cleanrooms in R&D and production
  • Calibration laboratory monitoring

Data integrity is of paramount importance, of course, and loggers have a two to three-year battery life. On battery replacement, any offline data will be automatically backfilled as soon as a connection is re-established.

The data transmitted (either wirelessly or via LAN/local area network) is then held very securely, while at the same time being readily available to authorised users, regardless of whether they access it via a PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone.

Manufactured by Rotronic AG in Switzerland, the cloud -based monitoring system has been designed, in the company’s own words, to be as “hassle-free” as possible.

As such, it provides the building blocks for a simple, unified system light years ahead of the fragmented monitoring approaches so often found in many companies.

In contrast to the latter, which can lead to piecemeal monitoring and gaps in data, the Rotronic Monitoring System is extremely reliable and provides alarms when users’ defined limits are breached.

Alerts are sent out via email, SMS and recorded message, ensuring staff react to critical events.

The data they are presented with is clear and immutable, and therefore a reliable record of activity.

The system will also dispatch full reports autonomously to the appropriate personnel.

At the heart of the system is a cloud-based software managed by Rotronic, thereby ensuring complete data integrity. End users access their particular system via a secure website.

The Rotronic Monitoring System is already used by some of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world, vouchsafing production lines and storage facilities in which clear and consistent data is critical.

The modular design means it can be tailored to fit businesses of any size, big or small.

Indeed, the simplicity of the solution can come as a godsend to the smallest of enterprises, helping it to protect its professional standing and hard-won reputation.

Now, with its latest pre-configured RMS product bundles, Rotronic has made it even easier still.

With what might be described as a solution in a box, the hardware is configured to the client’s needs pre-delivery, so that upon receipt, all they have to do is connect the Rotronic Ethernet gateway to their own network and allow the data loggers to do the rest.

For further information about the Rotronic Monitoring System and the different packages available, please contact: instruments@rotronic.co.uk