For years, chemical companies have regarded each other as rivals, battling for the same opportunities in the market place.

However, there are growing calls for them to set aside those old rivalries and present a united front in order to better compete in an increasingly competitive world.

Companies have always worked together – it is the nature of the business – but the current campaigns call for them to do it on a larger scale.

An example is the work of the UK-based Chemistry Growth Partnership (CGP), which argues that companies in the UK chemicals sector must work together to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the recent upturn in the economy but also to counter the threats posed by foreign competition.

The group is seeking to implement a strategy with a vision to grow the contribution of chemical and chemistry-using businesses by 50% in less than two decades.

Its Chemistry Fuelled Growth of the UK Economy report, which was presented by chemical business leaders to Michael Fallon, then the Minister of State for Business and Enterprise, called for measures including rapid exploitation of shale gas, accelerated innovation and the rebuilding of UK chemistry supply chains.

Since its creation, the Partnership has notched up many achievements, including organising a successful mission of 21 companies to the world’s biggest agricultural chemicals companies. The mission was designed to strengthen the supply chain and encourage innovation.