Life cycle assessment (LCA) is a tool widely used for assessing the potential environmental impacts of a product or service. However, despite its growing popularity, the efficient collection of reliable data remains a key barrier for LCA projects across all industries. This challenge is mostly attributed to the complexities involved in accounting for the material inputs, outputs and flows across multiple supply chain stages (e.g., resource acquisition, manufacturing, distribution, usage, end of life) that are often geographically dispersed. As LCA studies rely heavily on the quality of data entry, poorly constructed LCA projects with many data gaps and assumptions can lead to inaccurate (or unhelpful) results and regrettable decisions. 

This whitepaper aims to support the industry in addressing this data challenge by looking at how formulators and producers of articles can repurpose existing data for LCA projects. Here we identify potential data sources and offer strategies to those who face supply chain transparency barriers.

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