At Blended, we have been supplying specialist chemicals and gases for almost 20 years. The company prides itself on offering the optimal ‘blend’ of speciality chemical expertise, exceptional service, and positive attitude that customers can rely on.

From Anhydrous Ammonia and Carbon dioxide to a line a glycol-based heat transfer fluids, a team of industry experts and a full-service testing laboratory, Blended are the ideal partner to supply your chemicals and gases. We have developed strong relationships with our clients and endeavour to provide the best, ongoing service with the food and drink industry, heating, and cooling sector and even wastewater treatment plants. Whatever the challenge, we have the equipment, resources, and people to meet your project needs.

Coolblend, by Blended, is a complete range of high-performance heat transfer fluids that can be used in a wide variety of applications requiring the need for glycol based heating and cooling liquids. Our new line of cleanings solutions: Serviceblend includes pre-cleaner, biocide, and online cleaner as a highly effective biocidal flush. This product works optimally with our glycol-based products but also as a stand-alone product for servicing and maintenance of equipment.

As part of our ongoing service to our customers, we provide glycol testing for prevention, protection and catching any issues as early as possible, resulting in significant cost saving benefits. Maintenance is minimised as the threat of a costly shutdown that would be necessary if a problem escalated into a system failure is vastly reduced.

An example is testing on shipments before they leave the premises to allow for benchmark figures to be given and, if anything is detected in the tests, it means low-cost preventative maintenance can be undertaken now.

Our rigorous testing includes:

pH levels check

The most common route of glycol decay is oxidation, this route causes the formation of acidic chemicals which are corrosive. Under normal circumstances corrosion inhibitors will prevent corrosion from small amounts of acidic compounds.

Many corrosion inhibitors are most effective at basic pH levels and if the formation of these acidic compounds lowers the pH it can reduce the effectiveness of the corrosion inhibitor or in some cases stop it working entirely.

Measurement of the glycol pH allows the monitoring of the situation so preventative action can be taken if needed.

Determination of iron content

If corrosion is occurring inside your system, then this can be accurately monitored via the iron content of the glycol. Most systems are built with steel and if the metal begins to corrode this can be readily detected by increasing iron content in the glycol mixture.

Our spectroscopic method allows for very accurate determination of the iron content in samples.

Review of conductivity

This measurement allows for determination for dissolved salts in the glycol mixture.

These dissolved solids promote corrosion and can indicate that incorrect water is being used for the loading or top up of the system.

Undertake refractometry

This provides an accurate measurement of glycol within the system. With this information it should be possible to determine if a leak has formed on your system somewhere. As water is used to top up the system as per usual (due to water loss) the glycol content will decrease. It is key to maintain glycol levels to keep the frost protection for your system.

Assess Turbidity

This is a measure of how cloudy the glycol is. Most problems that can occur in your system be it corrosion or otherwise will cause the glycol mixture to go cloudy.

Turbidity measurements allow you to measure this and determine if your glycol is becoming contaminated with suspended solids.

Ammonia Presence Testing

Using our advanced spectroscopic equipment, it is possible to determine if the glycol has been contaminated with ammonia.

This would be indicative of cross contamination between primary and secondary refrigerant.

There is no doubt that pre-emptive testing should be a core part of any maintenance plan as it saves suppliers and companies both time and money. Blended Products is delighted to offer this service free to its customers but if you are not yet a customer and would like to know more, Blended is still happy to help.

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