Tony Mariani, Managing Director at AM Labels Limited, an award-winning supplier of complete labelling solutions including manufacturing and warehouse automation, barcoding and RFID systems, explains how the OKI Pro9431 digital printer can create high quality chemical labels with increased levels of media flexibility.

What benefits can the OKI Pro9431 offer businesses operating in the chemical industry?

GHS standards are of upmost importance for businesses operating in chemical manufacturing industries and, as a result, it is vital they are equipped with a printer that can create labels that comply with these labelling regulations. The four colour OKI Pro9431 digital printer produces high quality, durable chemical labels that are fully compliant with GHS regulations. Furthermore, it can also print on a wide variety of materials, and it is ideal for businesses with that require A4 or A3 sized labels.  

In addition to achieving results that are waterproof and robust, with excellent chemical resistance, the OKI Pro9431 printer also offers protection against UV fading. Furthermore, the printer is Avery and Teslin compliant, meaning it can be used with some of the most durable labelling materials available on the market.

The OKI Pro9431 provides an ideal solution for businesses that require a highly durable and reliable printer to create large, high-quality labels, particularly useful for labelling chemical drums. The printer can maximise operational efficiency, while saving companies time and money too.

What other key features and benefits does the OKI Pro9431 offer?  

The OKI Pro9431 delivers vibrant, high-quality results on a wide range of durable materials, including polyester, polypropylene and chemical approved materials such as Teslin. In addition to benefitting from a high quality 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution and print speeds of up to 28 pages per minute (A3) or up to 50 pages per minute (A4), the printer also offers excellent media flexibility. For example, it has the capacity for wide paper handling (from A6 to SRA3), banner lengths of up to 1.3 m and paper stock of up to 360 grams per square metre single-sided (or 320 grams per square metre duplex).

Thanks to the combination of OKI’s Digital LED technology and Multi-Level ProQ technology, the Pro9431 can produce high-definition results with a vibrant output. Additionally, the Pro9431 benefits from a reasonable initial purchase cost, as well as offering reduced running costs thanks to its high-capacity toners and drums.

Also available in the OKI Pro9000 Series range is the OKI Pro9542 digital printer, which offers the unique option of printing in a full range of CMYK colours, plus solid white.

What can AM Labels offer?  

With advanced labelling capabilities, AM Labels offers an extensive range of solutions for businesses to print their own labels, both single and full colour, in addition to manufacturing labels for all types of printing technology. At AM Labels, we are committed to finding the right solution for each customer’s individual needs. We understand that one size does not always fit all and, as a result, we will work to understand your company’s requirements to offer the most suitable solution, be it labelling, barcoding, scanning, asset tracking etc.  

Regardless of the industry your business is operating in, our friendly and knowledgeable team has a wealth of industry experience to identify the best products and solutions to meet your company’s needs. We offer unrivalled product knowledge, an expert technical team that can oversee the installation or implementation of your new system and a helpful sales department that’s on hand to offer support and advice.

The OKI Pro9431 is available from AM Labels, and the company is also able to offer demonstrations at its Northamptonshire based office. For more information on AM Labels Limited, or to book a demonstration, please call the sales team on 01536 414 222 or email:

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