Univar Solutions Expands European Homecare & Industrial Cleaning Product Portfolio Through New Distribution Agreement with BOAI NKY Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Growing partnership with largest polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) Chinese producer and supplier will expand access to ingredients that contribute to more sustainable cleaning solutions.

ROTTERDAM, NetherlandsJune 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Europe, Univar B.V., a subsidiary of Univar Solutions Inc. (NYSE: UNVR) (“Univar Solutions” or “the Company”), a leading global commodity and specialty chemical and ingredient distributor and provider of value-added services, announced today the expansion of its distribution agreement with BOAI NKY Pharmaceuticals Ltd., a global leader in polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) and VP/VI chemistry to distribute polymer products in Europe. The partnership will further advance future innovations and technology in the laundry detergents space. The product range under the agreement includes specialty polymers (dye transfer inhibitors) for liquid and powder detergent formulations, including Nokesho 55L30W, Nokesho 55 Powder and Nokesho 55 Granules.

“We are thrilled to be the first distribution partner to help provide this unique technology to laundry detergent manufacturers in Europe,” said Aaron Lee, global vice president for Homecare & Industrial Cleaning at Univar Solutions. “This agreement will provide customers and formulators with another key component of modern laundry detergents. We believe the future of the cleaning industry revolves around sustainable cleaning solutions, and using the right chemistry is key.”

Univar Solutions was selected as the first NKY distribution partner for this product range in central, western and southern Europe. The agreement includes Benelux, France, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Germany. This expanded agreement will further enable Univar Solutions to provide its customers with more access to specialty cleaning ingredients alongside comprehensive technical innovation and sourcing support.

“As a global supplier of this technology, we are thrilled to offer these specialty polymers to customers across Europe through the expanded agreement with Univar Solutions. With our global distribution network and technical research centers, we are ready to assist our customers with formulation development in the detergent space. From pioneering polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) research, we’ve come a long way in product development, and this collaboration with Univar Solutions is continuing to drive innovation for the future,” said Ms. Ella Qu, general manager for BOAI NKY Pharmaceuticals, Ltd.

Univar Solutions customers across Europe will now have access to BOAI NKY Pharmaceutical Ltd.’s specialty polymers that are used as dye-transfer inhibitors in liquid and powder laundry detergents. These dye inhibitors help keep clothes in their original colour without redeposits during the washing process. The agreement also expands Univar Solutions’ relationship with BOAI NKY Pharmaceutical Ltd., which today serves customers in the pharmaceutical ingredients market. Univar Solutions’ newest flagship Solution Center in Essen, Germany, will also provide formulation and performance testing capabilities to support the polymer range commercialization. The benefits of the chemistry and technology include sustainable cleaning solutions, compactation, powder to liquid transition and value-added cleaning products.

Univar Solutions and its team of chemists, formulation experts and application specialists help keep communities healthy, clean and safe by contributing to the development and supply of more sustainable cleaning products. As consumers increasingly demand more sustainable product formulations with exceptional performance, our team of experts across a network of global Solution Centers work on improving time to market, solving problems and delivering ingredient innovation through human ingenuity.

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