HMD Kontro has stepped up its ‘Think Sealless’ pumps campaign, with a dedicated website section and additional learning resources introduced to help build awareness of magnetic drive sealless pumps and assist specifiers less familiar with the technology to determine the best fit for their fluid transfer requirements.

As a specialist, the company is dedicated to encouraging the take-up of this now well-established technology, which has been shown to minimise safety risks through total fluid containment, while offering whole-life cost benefits for processes and fluid transfers including those involving high temperatures, high pressures, high value, aggressive and volatile substances.

Guided Learning Process

The brand new Think Sealless section on the HMD Kontro website offers a thorough grounding to those less familiar with magnetic drive pump technology, directing visitors through a series of pages explaining how the technology works and looking at examples of suitable applications. These pages also consider the significant benefits involved in switching from mechanical pumps with seals in terms of efficiencies and cost savings, safety and environmental concerns, all issues that are now at the forefront of considerations for specifiers.

HMD Kontro has also built up a library of helpful downloadable or viewable Think Sealless resources. These include a KnowHow Guide and a glossary of sealless pump terminology which offer a good starting point as well as videos which demonstrate the basic principles and explain different aspects of sealless pumps in greater detail. In addition, HMD Kontro offers webinars and training courses, both directly and through its Channel Partners.

As the original inventors of the magnetic drive pump in 1947, HMD Kontro now offer sealless pumps in many configurations to meet a wide range of operating parameters for diverse applications.

Further Think Sealless resources will be added over the coming months to assist with training and skills development, designed to extend the awareness of this fast-evolving and future proof technology, which offers multiple benefits for process operators.

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