Every manufacturer and operator want their machinery to run reliably and efficiently, but in all moving machines and motors friction is generated, the consequences of which are material wear. For this reason, we develop matching lubricants for every industrial application to ensure reliable machine function. The right lubricants reduce expenses for energy, spare parts, and labour considerably, saving on average 6 % of operating costs.

Many applications harbour the potential to reduce energy loss, which can be directly gathered from the equipment’s power consumption. It makes sense to focus particularly on gear applications where high torques are transmitted, screw compressors, and other applications such as:

  • Gearboxes
  • Extruders
  • Compressors
  • Cooling Towers
  • Hydraulic units
  • Pumps

Cutting energy costs and protecting the environment in line with DIN EN ISO 50001

Companies are increasingly looking for new ways to improve their manufacturing processes to meet social objectives and political targets in terms of environmental protection. At the same time, they want to counter the increasing cost pressure of energy consumption.

Since 2011, the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) has supported organisations in all sectors to use energy more efficiently and set the requirements to be met by companies regarding the introduction, application, and optimisation of an energy management system.

The objective of an energy management system according to DIN EN ISO 50001 is the control and reduction of energy consumption through untapped savings potential. The selection of high-performance lubricants is one area energy efficiencies can be made without making larger investments in machines and systems.

Optimisation in terms of energy efficiency using specialty lubricants and its quantification or monetary proof, is not simple. To achieve particularly high energy efficiency, the lubricant and the entire system must be considered. Measures such as cleaning, changing seals and selecting the optimum viscosity grade, as well as other measures play a major role.

Since October 2017, a measurable proof of continuous improvement of energy efficiency has been required, which is why we offer a certified process for measuring and analysing your improvement activities. We will conduct a Klüber Energy project at your site, identify savings potential, and measure energy consumption in the original condition and after lubricant changeover. A valid statement about the energy efficiency of a lubricant solution can only be made based on a before/after comparison, professional analysis of the measured data and translation of the measurement results into concrete information about the financial savings achieved.

Based on the analysis of the tribological system, a high-performance lubricant is selected for use, which will serve to reduce your energy costs and improve your ecological footprint thus making your business more sustainable and saving you money.

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