Testing of in-service lubricating oils for their remaining antioxidant content is critical for capital equipment uptime as well as reducing running costs and repair expenses. Previous test methodologies such as RPVOT (rotating pressure vessel oxidation test) are time consuming and expensive to perform. Whereas, Remaining Useful Life is a proven voltammetric method for testing the remaining active antioxidant content quickly, and at a far lower cost. Depending on the electrolyte, aromatic amine and phenolic antioxidants or hindered phenolic antioxidants can be determined.

For the first time, Metrohm present a fully automated Remaining Useful Life testing system, showing dramatically improved repeatability of data for confidence in reporting. Operator time is saved during sample preparation and irreproducible manual interpretation is eliminated via completely autonomous software processing. The user adds the sample into the vials, then the determination process of the sample series (including sample preparation and result calculations) is carried out automatically. The system is based on methods ASTM D6810, ASTM D6971, ASTM D7527, and ASTM D7590.

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