Boocax Disinfectant Robots offer 360-degree coverage and a 99.99% sterilizing rate killing a broad range of bacteria and viruses such as coronaviruses, flu, hand foot and mouth disease and other such diseases. Boocax Robots use common air disinfectants such as chlorine dioxide and hypochlorous acid.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, it has become vital to ensure public areas are kept sterile and safe to prevent the spread of potentially harmful diseases. Boocax Disinfectant Robots can be used in all major spaces that are open to public. These areas include schools, office spaces, large event halls, hotels, malls, laboratories, surgeries, hospitals, public transport and many more. It was reported this month (October 2021) that the UK COVID-19 infection rate is beginning to rise and there is an expectation of 100,000 cases per day. This makes it even more important to ensure our facilities are disinfected to prevent this spread further and keep numbers down.

Recently, our 180C Disinfection Robot was trialled in a local school in Stockton, North East of the UK. The school was the first in the UK to have an autonomous cleaning robot. The feedback we received from this was great and the robot operated safely and slowly around the children and teachers.

The autonomous navigating Disinfectant Robot can be operated via an app. The app is easy to use and offers real time monitoring and work logs. To set the robot up you simply set a path and the disinfection process will begin. With smart obstacle avoidance and safety protection, the robot can accurately position itself using the multiple sensors it has and can manoeuvre around objects and people. Once at a low level, the robot will automatically stop operating and return to the charging bay.

Boocax Disinfectant Robots Features and Benefits

  • Automatic charging ability
  • Saves on manpower
  • 24/7 fully automatic working
  • Smart and worry-free
  • No need for manual management
  • Occupational protection
  • Prevents cross-infection

The product range includes; 180C, 200A, MAX, UV1500, Popofish. For more details on these contact us for the best advice on which one you need to cover the required area

For more information on the product range or our company, please call our Applied Scientific Technologies team today on 01642 717550, visit our website or alternatively email us at

Applied Scientific Technologies (AST) is an emerging spin-out company founded in 2017 based in Stokesley, North Yorkshire. Founded by two directors from Applied Integration UK Ltd, a company celebrating its 15th working anniversary. AST are innovative specialists in robotics, automated control systems and hardware integration in the laboratory, chemical, pharmaceutical, physical and life science arenas supporting your laboratory digitalisation journey.