LAUDA Technology Ltd provides class-leading expertise for applications requiring precise heating and cooling solutions, ranging from -150°C to +550°C. Applicable to multiple product stages, from research and design through to pilot plant, full production lines and quality control, LAUDA Technology Ltd focuses particularly on automotive, aerospace, chemical, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical, digital printing and food and beverage application solutions, amongst others. Highly robust, feature-rich, industry-compliant solutions set us apart, whilst a reassuringly low total cost of ownership throughout the equipment life provides for a tangible return on investment.

With a 64 year history, and a dedication to innovation and portfolio expansion, recent new products include laboratory freezers, shakers, incubators, and water stills building on the already highly-capable product portfolio of process circulators, circulation chillers, water baths, tensiometers, viscometers, and contact angle measurement, providing heating, cooling and measurement solutions throughout the product lifecycle stages.

Innovative new product features include remote access via a smartphone or tablet, enhanced cooling capabilities and energy savings of up to 50% compared to similar products, additionally the new water chiller range is fully compliant with the new Ecodesign directive.

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