With the transfer capabilities of the highly successful “PPC” pharmaceutical specification vacuum conveyors, Volkmnann is offering transfer rates to over 11,100 litres per hour.

The PPC models utilise a one-piece crack and crevice free body design, essential to reduce cleaning difficulties and prevent product cross contamination. The externally driven butterfly discharge valve allows quick and easy cleaning.

Efficient compressed air driven vacuum pumps, pneumatic control and automatic filter cleaning, combine to offer a very simple and reliable platform to transfer powders, granules and small parts around the process area.

PEHD, FDA approved filter elements can be cleaned with compressed air, pressurised water, solvents or alcohol etc with no reduction in filter performance or anticipated life. Alternative filters are available including Stainless steel, HEPA or PTFE coated polyester.

Dust free and ATEX zone 0, 20, 1, 21, 2 and 22 certified unit available.

Efficient Powder & Bulk material transfer

In the past the flat price of a conveying system came first as a business criteria, however, modern costs/benefits analysis goes much deeper, especially in the chemical industry. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) are now more important for industrial items than a supposedly low purchasing price.

Up to 70% of the life cycle cost and at the same time the original purchasing price 25% of the total cost, a wider view is recommended, especially when dealing with the transfer of powders and bulk materials. Vacuum Conveyors in a stainless steel modular design and with Multijector® technology are especially durable because of the simple mounting and the maintenance-free design.

It appears that there is no other kind of conveying, which allows the transportation of so many different and difficult materials. Moreover, with the modular stainless steel separators/receivers of the new generation it is effortless to convey even different powders or granules with the same kind of conveyor. Cross-contamination is avoided, because all parts, which are in contact with the material to be conveyed, can be easily dismantled and cleaned without tools. Also the special filter withstands wet cleaning under high pressure or the cleaning in an ultrasonic bath.

The physical principle of Vacuum Conveying is originally “dust-free” by design since developed dust clouds are sucked in and the powder transfer takes place in a closed loop. Hence even extreme fine dusts like toner powder are conveyable. Plug-flow-conveying and the special design of the receivers as well as the processes avoid the danger of segregation & separation during the powder transfer. The special Volkmann Powder Transfer Systems allowed full certification according to ATEX regulations already in 2002.

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