Numerical Modelling is now very widely used for process and product design control and analysis in many fields. In powders and bulk solids progress has been slow but now, techniques are starting to open up.

Come to this course to find out what the different techniques are and what they can do for you, including:
* Fundamentals of modelling;
* The many different techniques that can be applied to powders and bulk solids;
* The relative advantages for different types of processes and problems;
* The expertise level and expense involved.

Whether you are making and/or using powders, designing equipment and processes, or just starting in research in powders/particulate technology, this introductory level course will help you understand your options and possibilities

The Modelling techniques to be discussed include:

  • DEM
  • Population Balance Modelling
  • Cellular Automata
  • Finite Difference Modelling
  • CFD – both Euler-Euler and Euler-Lagrange

The areas of application that will be highlighted include (but not limited to!):

  • Transfer chute design;
  • Particulate transport in air;
  • Segregation (demixing);
  • Particle breakage in transport;

Join us on 4 December at the Greenwich campus, London
for an introductory fee of £495 per person

For full details and on-line booking, visit our short course pages

or contact us 020 8331 8646