Labtex supplies leading laboratory products including HUBER liquid temperature control systems, DIEHM glass reaction systems to 100 litres, PREMEX and JUCCHEIM high pressure reactors, POPE wiped film or short path distillation systems, Nutsche filter dryers, BOLA labware in PTFE and other technical plastics, Vacuubrand vacuum pumps, ASECOS storage solutions for hazardous materials to BS EN 14470-1 and SICCO desiccators. We also work with LLG Germany, the 3rd largest lab supplies distributor in Europe and have a catalogue of 20,000 items from over 200 respected brands.

We provide scale up equipment for process R & D in the chemical, pharmaceutical, defence, aerospace, biochemical and other industries.

We offer a wide range of general laboratory equipment which includes balances, heating mantles, ovens, refrigerators and desiccators, as well as standard laboratory glassware and consumables. Labtex manufactures a Laboratory Scale Spray Dryer, for the production of free-flowing powders, and Buchner rings which aid safe and efficient vacuum filtration.

Labtex design and supply stainless steel fabrications for the process industries. Our work ranges from simple fabrications and machining to high specification bespoke projects for the pharmaceutical, food processing, water, paper and chemical industries. Working in conjunction with skilled fabricators and finishers, Labtex ensures that work is completed to the highest standard and is in accordance with relevant EU directives. In particular, the pressure equipment, ATEX and machinery directives.

With over 30 years’ experience in the scientific and laboratory equipment supplies industry, Labtex can provide a complete maintenance and technical support service that is second to none.

Our qualified and professional support personnel and service engineers will provide you with a fast, efficient response to your technical queries, ‘return-to-base’ repairs or on-site maintenance and servicing needs.

We are able to service and repair all of the products we carry. Our expertise in low-temperature refrigeration maintenance enables our engineers to service most brands of heaters and chillers, including Huber, Julabo, Haake and Lauda.


Huber is one of the leading manufacturers of high precision thermoregulation solutions in research and industry. Their products ensure precise temperature control in laboratories, pilot plants and production processes across the globe, offering temperature control solutions for applications ranging from -125C to +425C.

Huber has been driving technological development and continuous innovation in the field of liquid temperature control since 1968. The introduction of Unistat technology in 1989 was a revolution in temperature control, setting industry standards for thermodynamics and accuracy. In addition to dynamic temperature control systems, Huber’s product range includes immersion coolers, heated and/or refrigerated baths and circulators, and chillers.

DIEHM offers plain and jacketed glass reaction systems with capacities up to 150 litres with up to DN450 technical Flanges. Plain and jacketed vessels in either flat or round bottom designs are offered with a comprehensive range of accessories.

Reactors are supplied with graduations as standard and zero dead space bottom outlet valves can be specified from a number of different designs and materials. Bottom valves are available for pneumatic operation and with integral Pt100 if required

Labtex provides a wide range of accessories in glass, stainless steel, PTFE and other materials and, in addition to standard products, Labtex welcomes enquiries for bespoke manufacturing to customer designs and specifications. Labtex provides complete systems including automation, temperature control, stirring and vacuum using many leading brands etc.

Pope Scientific Short Path/Wiped-Film Stills (WFS) and Wiped-Film Evaporators (WFE) successfully separate volatile from less volatile components for Oils, Fats, Chemicals, Polymers, Nutraceuticals and Fragrances etc. with a gentle process utilizing the thin-film wiping action of feed liquid through a heated cylindrical vacuum chamber with high vacuum (i.e. vacuum distillation/evaporation).

The brief (seconds) exposure of feed liquid to heated walls is due in part to the slotted wiper design which forces the liquid downward with strict control of residence time, film thickness, and flow characteristics.

Efficient thermal separation with minimum product decomposition and maximum product quality result when using the Wiped Film-Short Path process for distillation. The Wiped Film process offers far superior performance to flash evaporators, falling film stills, rotary evaporators and similar equipment in any processing application where heat-sensitivity is a factor.