Tan International, a longstanding supplier of chemicals in Scotland, is geared up for expansion to further support customers in key focus industries including Food & Nutrition, Oil & Gas and Agriculture.

Tan International is a recognised name with over a 30-year history in Scotland and further afield. Acquired by Brenntag, the global leader in chemical and ingredients distribution, in December 2019, Tan International retains its recognised local identity and continues to strengthen working relationships with the strong manufacturing base in Scotland, whilst benefitting from the support of Brenntag in terms of investments and reach.

Situated on an 11-acre site in Perth, Tan International boasts an impressive fleet of 7 HGV delivery vehicles, an extensive blending facilities for specialty and industrial chemicals, with a blending capacity of up to 300 tonnes per day and tank storage and 10 bulk tanker units holding Sodium Hypochlorite, Sodium Hydroxide, Demineralised water, Citric Acid Solution, Ferric Chloride, Sodium Nitrate, Urea and Ammonium Nitrate Solution, ensuring our capabilities for just in time deliveries to all areas of Scotland.

Throughout the last year, the site has received a major multi-million pounds investment in its operational assets to further expand its capabilities to support the chemical manufacturing base in Scotland. For instance, as part of the planned capital investment programme, six new 120,000 litre tanks for bulk liquid storage were commissioned and installed in February 2021.

Tan International is a key toll manufacturer of bulk liquids, including fertilisers such as high quality nitrogen, sulphur and compound solutions. These are formulated to meet the significant portion of food requirements of the major crops grown in the UK. In total, the fertiliser blending operation encompasses an 80m3 blend tank, raw material storage for bulk powders, a 4,000 tonnes raw material lagoon and over twenty bulk storage tanks for finished grades.

As such, the largest fertiliser tank on site at 700m3 capacity underwent a major refurbishment project. The works included the replacement of two sections of the tank shell and the installation of a new roof is currently in the final stage. Once commissioned, the tank will continue to support the fertiliser business for the next ten years.

As Tan International continues its integration into the Brenntag network, significant investments in site safety and emergency facilities upgrade continue to be undertaken. The projects delivered over the last six months include the upgrade of drainage & pollution control systems, a new fire and toxic gas alarm system and the replacement of all site emergency showers to Brenntag standard.

General Manager, Andy Caldwell, states: “The investment in Tan International has been phenomenal over the last year, all against a backdrop of Covid-19 and the restrictions that have been imposed on our on-site operations. Through the hard work and dedication of the site operations team, working closely with the appointed contractors and the Brenntag teams, the works have progressed safely and on time, as significant investment in site’s plant and equipment is planned throughout 2021”.