In 2016 FT Pipeline Systems were excited to launch a brand new product into the UK water treatment market. PF-Detect was the first ever dual contained chemical dosing hose which had built-in leak detection, doing away with the need for catchpots. The flexible hose features capillary action making it suitable for virtually every situation and application as it doesn’t have to rely on gravity. PF-Detect is a lightweight but durable pipe in pipe flexible hose.

Straightaway, the hose was very well received by many water companies as both the cost and environmental benefits were immediately apparent. Despite having been designed for the water market, it was obvious that the hose was perfect for many other industry sectors ranging from chemical and pharmaceutical through to manufacturing.

One such company who chose PF Detect to improve safety and reduce chemical handling at their manufacturing site was Encocam, based in Huntingdon.

Encocam Ltd. are leading experts in the development and manufacture of energy absorbers and their products include crash test dummies and crash test barriers. They also manufacture aluminium honeycomb and composite panels, architectural products, custom styled motorcycles and other wide ranging engineering services.

The installation of PF-Detect pipework was a crucial part of Encocam’s Reduction of Chemical Handling project. The project’s aim was to improve the safety of the chemical dosing system as well as increasing the dosing efficiency, whilst incorporating both monitoring and connections to a new alarm control panel, linked to various safety control mechanisms. The complete dosing pipework for six different chemicals was replaced with PF-Detect.

Angel Rivero Falcon, Lead Chemical / Process Engineer at Encocam at the time said, “PF-Detect hoses were the perfect fit to the project due to their leak detection system, which allows us full control of any of the safety control mechanisms in case there was any leak. In a short period of time, without any human intervention, automatically alarms will raise, pumps will stop, valves will close, scrubbers will be activated, etc.

The order process was simple and economical. Support from the parties involved was provided all the way along the installation process, which was highly appreciated and helped to the successful completion of the project. The installation of the PF-Detect hoses is incredibly fast and simple as a result of the lack of hard pipework joints and fittings. The leak detection cable is checked before and after installation ensuring no faults arose from the installation process.

Encocam is very satisfied with the new system and we are grateful to all the parties involved in the installation of our new dosing pipework system.”


The advantages of our flexible dual contained chemical dosing hose over the traditional rigid systems are numerous and are particularly highlighted when it comes to installation. They include:

  • Lightweight and flexible means that it can be installed almost anywhere and is cheaper and easier to handle.
  • Flexible hose can often be installed via a duct, for example, and so there is no need for expensive and disruptive excavation works.
  • Huge cost savings can be made as each installation requires less man hours and less fittings (continuous runs with no joints up to 500m).

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