LAUDA – Experts In Thermal Control And Measurement Providing Innovative Solutions For Thermal Process Control, Chilled Water Applications, Water Baths, Freezers, Incubators, Shakers, Stills, Tensiometers, Viscometers And Contact Angle Measurement.

LAUDA continues to provide an expanding range of feature-rich, future proof solutions with energy efficiency and connectivity front of mind, serving a diverse range of industries including chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, oil and gas, composites, automotive, aerospace food & beverage, brewing, digital printing, laser and beyond.

LAUDA’s new range of water chillers has been designed not only to comply with the new Eco-design directive, but to surpass it through the innovative use of variable speed modules that automatically reduce their duty cycle in line with the cooling demand hence reducing energy consumption and running costs, giving a tangible return on investment for the user, whilst ensuring full compliance with the latest regulations on refrigerant (fluorinated) gases.

Further portfolio expansion delivers the new LAUDA ‘Versafreeze’ ultra-freezers, (deep-freeze storage down to -85°), and higher power ‘Integral’ process circulators, (process control from -90 to 320°C with >25kW of cooling @20°C), with pressure overlay options to increase the working range of water / glycol up to 140°C.

Furthermore, for applications requiring customised solutions tailored to individual requirements, we offer a made-to-measure design service using a long-established and highly skilled team. Project engineering is a core competence of LAUDA and using the modular engineering approach we can design and scale a system specifically matched to the application needs.

With the capability to provide accurate heating and cooling in the range -150 to +550 °C using a variety of proven modules including heat transfer systems, process cooling systems, secondary circuit systems, fired heaters and molten salt plants, we are able to provide unique, cost-effective solutions unparalleled by others.

Beyond temperature control, LAUDA has a well-established suite of solutions for measuring viscosity and surface/interfacial tension aimed at the development of polymers, oils, and surfactants.

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