We are pleased to announce the new generation of Anton Paar’s inline refractometers.

The new models L-Rix 5000, L-Rix 5100 and L-Rix 5200 maintain the selling propositions of their predecessors, while adding flexibility, modularity, ease-of-use and data communication options of the new Pico 3000 transmitter.

Measuring with an accuracy of up to ± 0,05 °Brix and a repeatability of up to ± 0,025 °Brix, the inline refractometers are suited for beverage, food, pulp & paper, sugar, dairy, polymer, metal machining, and many other industries.

Its industry leading optics combined with a long-life LED keeps the unit maintenance free for more than 100,000 hours. The EHEDG-certified refractometers are suitable for hygienic applications and ready for cleaning and sterilization in place at temperatures up to 145 °C.

To find out more on how to enjoy the simplicity of refractive index measurements without maintenance or adjustments visit www.anton-paar.com for more details.

About Anton Paar

Founded in 1922 in Graz (Austria) by Anton Paar, the company is the world leader in the measurement of density and concentration, the determination of dissolved carbon dioxide, and in the fields of rheometry and viscometry. Anton Paar’s customers include most of the major beer and soft drink manufacturers worldwide as well as companies active in the food, chemicals, petroleum, and pharmaceutical industries.

Established as a one-man locksmith’s workshop, the corporation strives to combine high-precision manufacturing with the latest scientific achievements; the Anton Paar GmbH invests 20 % of the annual turnover in research. Currently, the company offers more than 170 analytical solutions that are produced almost exclusively within the company.