Implico has launched a new terminal management system – the cloud-based next-gen TMS – using standardised and modular software to digitalise operations, particularly at small and mid-size tank terminals.

Implico’s next-gen cloud solution can be integrated with current and new systems via standardised API interfaces. It covers a range of different applications including monitoring of goods movements, asset management, stock accounting, customs/tax and process automation. The cloud-based software can:

  • process and plan operations as well as service demands;
  • capture and calculate required data;
  • reduce time, costs, and manual effort.

Next-gen TMS meets terminal requirements and can also be expanded to different business units. The new cloud-based solution is Implico’s response to the challenges of the energy industry in transition, driven by global megatrends such as IT security, data analytics and the shift to renewable energies.

Rolf Afam, CEO of the Implico Group, explains, “Digitalisation is still a big step for many tank terminal operators due to the complexity of the implementation processes. With next-gen TMS we will facilitate this evolution and finally help digitization achieve its breakthrough.

“The new solution’s most important benefit is the simplicity with which it can be implemented. The cloud offers lots of possibilities here which we will roll out to the customers right now.”

Implico has also revealed new features of its solution for tank terminals, OpenTAS Go. Based on proven industry standards, the company says its software is quick to implement and easy to maintain. As a key feature, it facilitates end-2-end business process integration within the organization as well as with all partners.

Next-gen TMS is part of Implico’s Supply Chain United (SCU). The industry framework offers oil, gas and chemical companies a cloud ecosystem, on which standardised microservices for data and process management, supervision, KPI-reporting and API-based integration are published.