Founded by Ewart Cox in 2008, Assentech rapidly emerged as an industry leader in tank storage, fluid transfer, and process safety. The company’s unwavering commitment to delivering quality solutions rests on Ewart’s 25 years of industry experience. Recognised globally as an influencer, Ewart instilled in Assentech a guiding principle: opt for lasting quality over transient savings. Such a principle resonates more today as environmental considerations rise to the forefront of industry concerns.

Central to tank storage safety is the breather valve, also known as the Pressure and Vacuum Relief Valve (PVRV). It’s a piece of equipment designed to protect tanks from hazardous pressure fluctuations. Despite its critical role, the market is unfortunately rife with breather valves that haven’t undergone stringent testing. The potential consequences of such oversights are alarming – environmental damage, financial losses, and grave safety risks.

Enter Vent-Less, Assentech’s groundbreaking solution to this challenge. An outcome of extensive R&D, Vent-Less stands out as the only global technology providing irrefutable data on leak rates, performance, and functionality of breather valves. Adhering to the API2000 test protocol, its AI-driven capabilities make it an invaluable pre-commissioning tool, especially when industries worldwide are under pressure to reduce emissions and move towards net-zero targets.

Assentech, and the industry at large, grapples with a pressing question: Why are breather valves, so crucial for safety, often supplied without rigorous testing? It’s this very concern that makes Vent-Less indispensable. It not only quantifies leakage, vital for net zero and precise environmental reporting but also sheds light on the performance of these safety-critical valves. A recent collaboration with a waste-to-energy facility showcases its prowess, bringing down the facility’s environmental impact costs drastically.

While Assentech holds notable certifications like ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001, it’s their proactive role in the industry, exemplified by their representation on International Standards Committees and Ewart’s contribution to an environmental annexe, that truly sets them apart.

Assentech’s unique environmental methane leakage calculator, available on their website, further highlights their commitment to helping industries make informed decisions on leakage and its implications.

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