Tony Mariani, Managing Director at AM Labels Limited (AML), an award-winning supplier of complete labelling solutions including manufacturing and warehouse automation, barcoding and RFID systems, explains how the Epson ColorWorks C6000 Series colour label printers can help support your business in creating high quality, GHS-approved labels.   

Who is AM Labels and what does the company do?

AM Labels was founded in 1996. With advanced labelling capabilities, we offer a wide range of solutions for businesses to print their own labels, both single and full colour, in addition to manufacturing labels for all types of printing technology. Our talented sales, production, technical and customer service teams have vast knowledge and experience across all aspects of label printing and barcoding systems.

We offer an extensive portfolio of leading manufacturers including Epson, OKI and Afinia (Memjet), and our comprehensive offering of colour label printers provide a user friendly, cost-effective and fully customisable solution to in-house label production. We work with a range of companies across the UK, in all industries, to provide them with the capability to customise and adapt their in-house label printing operations.

What are GHS standards?

The Globally Harmonised System (GHS) is a set of standards that were created to classify and communicate the hazardous properties of chemicals. The system was established to ensure important hazard information is presented in a clear and concise manner, while preserving worker safety.

The standards specify that manufacturers must comply with the GHS-approved international hazard warning communication system, comprising of standardised colour pictograms for each chemical or hazard type. In addition to explaining what the hazards are and how to avoid them, GHS-approved labels must also display information on how the chemicals should be stored, as well as how they can be safely disposed of. Furthermore, the symbols used can help workers to identify explosive, oxidising, flammable, toxic, harmful or corrosive chemicals, as well as those that are dangerous for the environment. As a result, it is highly important that businesses comply with the regulations to ensure labels are manufactured correctly and with the appropriate materials and adhesives, in addition to keeping workers, the public and the environment safe.

It is also vital that businesses are aware of the BS5609 certification, and what they must do to create labels that are fully-compliant. The BS5609 standards require labels to be printed on approved materials, using approved methods, to ensure that labels are clear and legible after time has passed. These standards have been developed to ensure chemical labels are durable and long-lasting, protecting workers and members of the public long after the labels have been printed.

What benefits can the Epson ColorWorks C6000 Series offer businesses operating in the chemical industry?

Ensuring that GHS standards are met is a key priority for businesses operating in chemical manufacturing industries and, as a result, it is vital they are equipped with the correct tools to ensure that they not only comply with labelling regulations, but can maximise operational efficiency and save their business time and money too.

The industrial strength, on-demand Epson ColorWorks printers produce full-colour, high quality chemical labels that are fully-compliant with GHS regulations. The C6000 Series can easily print the required hazard pictograms, while streamlining processes and saving resources.

Further to this, investing in the Epson C6000 Series can virtually eliminate the need for pre-printed labels, which significantly reduces costs and maximises efficiency. Instead, plain labels can be loaded easily, creating high quality results with a matt or glossy finish and vibrant colours.

The main benefit to printing labels with the Epson C6000 Series, rather than opting for other thermal label printers on the market, is that chemical manufacturers can create full-colour, GHS compliant labels on a wide range of synthetic materials that are waterproof and smudgeproof, as well as being resistant to alcohol and chemicals. Additionally, when used with ink jet compatible Epson polypropylene or polyethylene media, the C6000 Series can also create labels that are BS5609 certified.

What other key features and benefits does the Epson ColorWorks C6000 Series offer?

The Epson ColorWorks C6000 Series, made up of the C6000 and the C6500 colour label printers, is highly versatile and can easily be integrated into existing production lines. In addition to benefitting from a 1200 dpi print resolution to produce high quality full-colour labels on-demand, the printers are available with either an auto-cutter or timesaving, auto-peeler that automatically removes the backing paper.

When larger labels are required, the C6500 colour label printer benefits from an eight inch print width (215.9 mm) and utilises Epson’s PrecisionCore CMYK pigment ink technology, producing crisp and vibrant results. With the ability to print on a range of media widths from 25.4 mm to 215.9 mm, the C6500 offers unrivalled levels of flexibility. This model also benefits from an integrated, moveable label sensor, as well as being available with either an auto-cutter or built-in peeler option, making it ideal for companies requiring full colour, custom labels on-demand.

Ideal for smaller labels, the C6000 colour label printer features a compact four-inch print width, with the capability of printing full-colour labels as small as 25.4 mm wide. To further enhance the user’s print capabilities and increase flexibility, it comes complete with an integrated, moveable sensor, which facilitates printing on any shape. This model offers speed, control, efficiency and flexibility, and is ideal for small to medium sized businesses that require high quality, custom labels.

The Epson ColorWorks C6000 Series is available from AM Labels, and the company also offers free, onsite demonstrations. For more information on AM Labels Limited, or to book a demonstration, please call the sales team on 01536 414 222 or email:

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