As a Production Manager it’s vital you get the best performance and return on investment from your process machinery, without any compromise to production quality and efficiency. Processing downtime and emergency repairs can be costly, but used process machinery can help you manage this. Many companies are not aware of the benefits that having access to used machinery can bring to their site.

Cost savings are typically the main driver when companies consider buying used equipment. Usually, used equipment can be purchased at prices that are up to 70% cheaper than new. However, there are many more reasons why companies should consider it. Delivery time is another major benefit, especially when it can minimize breakdown times or improve project deadlines. New manufactured process machines can have very long lead times, especially in the current circumstances. However, used equipment is usually always immediately available, and in the event of a break-down situation, finding a used machine can keep your production downtime to a minimum. A dealer who stocks a wide range of quality used equipment and has good connections in the industry, should be able to find something suitable for you quickly.

The quality of your machinery need not be compromised when buying used equipment. Good quality second hand machines from leading manufacturers are readily available, and most often sold with full service and maintenance histories, spare parts and technical documentation. This ensures you have everything you need to get it running and ready to work for you. Buying from a reputable re-seller, who can test and certify the machines, will make sure you’re buying a machine that is in good working condition and won’t let you down. Tests such as pressure & vacuum testing, spark tests, test running of the machine, should all be possible and you’ll often be able to witness some of the tests if the dealer has on-site facilities to do them.

Finding a machine to meet your process requirements and current legislation need not be a headache. Most equipment can be modified to meet your exact specification, and even with modifications, refurbishment and re-certification, significant savings can still be made compared to new. Working with a used equipment dealer who can carry out this additional work themselves, will make it much more cost effective and an easier process for you.

Second hand process equipment can be particularly beneficial in the event of changing your process or testing a new product line. Picking up a used line or process equipment means less initial investment and risk. Some companies will offer the option to trade-in your older equipment too, allowing you to use the value of your surplus machinery towards the cost of something else. Used process equipment can have a good re-sale value, and if you look for a buyer who can buy the machine outright from you, the machinery can be taken off your hands quickly, freeing up cash and space.

When looking to purchase or sell used equipment, a reputable dealer who has machines in stock and can provide a complete range of additional services, will make the process simple and hassle free. Perry Process Equipment Ltd are a UK dealer of process machinery for the chemical & pharmaceutical industries. Established in the UK in 1990, they are the European Headquarters of the PERRY Group, a trusted name in the used process equipment market for almost 90 years. Perry’s UK site includes a 20,000 sq.ft
warehouse and workshop where they store a wide range of equipment such as reactors, mixers, blenders, centrifuges and heat exchangers. Their team of experienced and knowledgeable staff are able to assist with equipment sourcing, mechanical refurbishment, worldwide export including packing, logistics and equipment disposal for a wide range of equipment and industries. All service work, from testing to full mechanical refurbishment is done in-house by time served process engineers

Perry Process Equipment Ltd encourage anyone considering used process equipment to get in touch and arrange a visit to their impressive 6 acre site in the North East of England. Perry will also be exhibiting at the CHEMUK exhibition and will have sales managers available for an informal chat about your current or future needs. You’ll find them on stand G30.