Hosted in collaboration with the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre, as part of the H2020 GRACIOUS project, A Change is REACHed for Nanomaterials is the first webinar as part of a series.

The webinar will cover:

  • How nanomaterials are covered in the EU with an emphasis on new developments
  • An overview of EU Regulations with relevance for nanomaterials
  • EC’s definition of the term ‘nanomaterial’
  • Provisions for nanomaterials in REACH
  • European regulation on chemicals and its amended annexes with new requirements on how to register and which information to provide on ‘nanoforms’
  • Review of nanospecific provisions in other sector-specific regulations

Hosted by: Dr. Neil Hunt (Yordas Group) & Dr. Hubert Rauscher (European Commission, DG Joint Research Centre ((ISPRA))

Date/Time: 21st February 2019 / 1pm-2pm GMT.