Cubis® II analytical & semi-microbalance (Cubis II with Q-App) MCA (package with back-weighing program, QP2 package)

A pycnometer is used to determine the density of a paste or powder. The method relies on the use of a reference liquid with a known density (such as water). The density of the sample is calculated from the difference in weight due to the displacement of the reference liquid.

For density testing of solid samples, a density determination kit can be used. The solid sample is placed on a weighing pan to determine its weight in air, before being submersed in a test liquid. The density of the solid is then calculated and automatically corrected for influencing factors.

Cubis II ultra-micro and micro balances with QApps, MCA (QP2 advanced package)
The Cubis® range of premium balances are designed for high performance weighing. The Cubis II ultra-micro and micro balance can both be used in combination with customer-specific applications, called QApps (pre-installed software package designed to guide users through a particular weighing process) and density kits, such as the YDK03 and YDK04.

Additional features include:

Ability to test the density of solids, liquids and pastes
Configurable balance that can be paired with QApps to increase efficiency and reliability
Titanium weighing pans which negate magnetic interferences