As a worldwide leader in dosing technology, sera ProDos is a system provider of high quality products and services for the dosing and feeding of chemicals and fluids. Indeed, with 75 years of experience, sera ProDos is renowned for its excellent customer service and
leading German engineering, offering some of the most robust pumps available on the market to customers involved in food and beverage,pharmaceuticals, and water and wastewater treatment.
A recent addition to sera ProDos’ chemical dosing pump offering is its iSTEP stepper motor pump. Setting standards in reproducibility and reliability, the iSTEP offers variable frequency control and a flow range of 0.02.50l/h, offering for a varied range of application possibilities.
The iSTEP is suitable for an array of applications, including chlorine dosing for the treatment of drinking water, flocculating agent dosing in wastewater treatment, dosing of flocculant aids, and CIP Use.
The pump is operated using a detachable control element, which allows the rapid commissioning of several pumps with the same function. Furthermore, the status of the pump is indicated by a colour change on the display, meaning it is instantly recognisable and offers different speeds of suction and pressure stroke depending on the user’s requirements.