Metrohm knows that every company is unique. That’s why our portfolio of Raman instruments for raw material identification and verification come in many options and formats to suit your needs.


Raman instruments combine ease of use with maximum safety and provide results in seconds!

Reduce Workload- There’s no need for sub-sampling (and associated consumables) and no risk of cross contamination. Get reliable ID of materials in seconds.

Reduce Costs- Samples no longer need expensive and time consuming laboratory analysis such as FTIR.

Increase Quality- Get accurate, reproducible, reliable and consistent results. Barcode scanners mean inventory time is reduced and there are no shelf-life issues.

Reduce Logistic- Less movements of samples between the sampling booth and quarantine.

Reduce Lead-Time- From materials arriving to moving on to production.

Reduce Exposure- Identifying raw materials through the original package, without sampling, avoids operator exposure. Ensure Regulatory Compliance FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and Pharmacopoeia conformity USP and EP

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