Dura-ID Solutions have been offering innovative print technologies into the world of chemicals for over 20 years, and 2021 is no different. Exclusivity to print solutions allows them to provide their customers with a fully unique solution to meet their needs. Approached by some of Europe’s largest chemical manufacturers with the challenges of wanting to reduce waste, reduce the manpower associated with labelling, and still offer a label that meets all regulations, they met the task with confidence.

The Neuralabel 550e offers the opportunity for chemical companies to introduce ‘The Combination Label’. This specialist label allows customer to print on-demand, with all their information on one large format label to include IMDG transport diamonds and GHS diamonds, alongside a large variety of languages and offers complete in-house control of regulatory information. Thus, reducing the chance of human error and misplacement of correct labelling. There is now no need to re-label based upon your customers’ requirements as the high-definition print resolution allows you to add more languages so that you stock your products with a single label. Never again will you need to re-label a batch due to a change of language requirement.

Full approval of the solution to Section 3 of the BS5609 maritime regulations with Dura-ID’s media means that you know your product information is readable, should the worst-case scenario occur. You may wish to check if your current label supplier has Section 3 BS5609 approval as it is a difficult standard to meet, and many people don’t realise their labelling is not up to standard.

For companies that still use thermal transfer mono printers there will be no reason to worry about aligning your pictograms inside your diamonds and having to change label stock based on number of GHS diamonds required.

A full solution from Dura-ID offers you peace of mind. Bringing all your labelling in-house often seems like a daunting task, but the team at Dura-ID will be there from start to finish and beyond. They ensure that everything runs smoothly and continues to do so well after the point of install.

Being primarily a manufacturer of labels, the team at Dura-ID has an unbelievable amount of knowledge about materials, regulation compliance and operational improvements that can be made in your business.

Get in touch with the team at Dura-ID on 0114 242 2111 or email info@dura-id.com for advice, a quotation, or to discuss any changes to your labelling operations.

Come and visit Dura-ID at ChemUK on stand J55 to see these solutions in action and speak to the team of experts if you are unsure of how to implement a new system in-house.