In the specialised world of chemical transport and distribution it is vital to have experts handling the movements and storage at every stage. Dachser Chem-Logistics provides a team of experts and presents itself as a reliable logistics partner for companies in the chemical industry. Special training in safety and chemical product handling is essential and layered above this logistics expertise is the worldwide Dachser service network, including European Logistics and the global Dachser Air & Sea Logistics.

Data and accurate information transfer are key to Chem-Logistics and Dachser’s innovative IT system ensures quick and safe handling and management of orders in all locations. In addition, access to all transport data throughout the entire supply chain provides the customer with the highest level of safety  especially for the transport of chemical products.

Industry-specific consulting services are also available as part of Dachser’s approach. In many incidences, it is important that tailored transportation concepts and warehouse solutions are designed for the specific needs of each customer, appropriate to the commodities in which they deal; especially those accessing multifarious worldwide sales and procurement markets, with variable regulations. Dachser provides sustainable optimisation for the logistics balance sheets of a wide-range of chemical companies and offers a long-term outsourcing model for higher logistics efficiency throughout all levels of the value chain; including the seamless transition to Dachser Contract Logistics services where relevant.

In this way both transport products and services combine standardised logistics solutions with individual chemical logistics know-how throughout the entire supply chain. The entire portfolio offers the optimum Pan-European transportation solution; combined of course with consistent standards with regard to transportation and quality that creates trust and safety in all cases.

As readers will agree, there is no room for error in logistics for the chemistry sector. Dachser Chem-Logistics has as its prime objective the safe and secure handling of all goods in its care; the team are dedicated completely to this goal. Safety is the highest priority. The transportation of dangerous goods is governed by stringent legal requirements and regulations.

Since chemicals are at the beginning of the value chain for many products in different industries, the demand is correspondingly high – and so are the transportation volumes on roads, in maritime containers or on-board aircraft. This also includes professional handling of dangerous goods. Logistics professionals must ensure the safety of people, the environment and material goods with comprehensive protective measures throughout all transport phases. That means, in addition to sound know-how, excellent knowledge of the industry is required for the transport and storage of chemical goods.

For this reason, Dachser relies only on its own employees, who are trained in the handling of chemical goods. The principles for safety, quality, health and environmental protection formulated by Dachser in the company guidelines far exceed the applicable legal requirements.

Our employees pay particular attention to proper load securing. A central in-house dangerous goods safety advisor, as well as over a hundred and forty regional dangerous goods specialists in the branches, monitor compliance with all national and international statutory provisions in addition to the Dachser dangerous goods guidelines. Together they are responsible for the transportation of in access of 2.8 million deliveries of dangerous goods per year. The Dachser network also maintains numerous hazardous materials storage sites, which are at the disposal of customers and form an integral part of the Chem-Logistics supply chain solution, individualized when necessary to include Contract Logistics services.