We are excited to share the news that Hibiscus Plc has been honoured with the prestigious Epson ColorWorks Innovation of the Year award for our exceptional customer experience facility.

Hibiscus is particularly proud of the acknowledgment we received from our Epson partners, with Simon Hargraves and Connor Longdon personally accepting the award from Gavin Thurston and the Epson team. This recognition is a testament to the dedication and hard work of our team in delivering innovative and customer-centric solutions.

In our newly designed demonstration suite, we offer end-users a unique opportunity to engage with our products and services in a hands-on manner.  From comprehensive demonstrations to tailored label sample creation, our facility enables customers to explore the capabilities of our small-run label printing solutions firsthand.

One of the highlights of our demonstration suite is the in-depth print testing and certification services we provide. This allows customers to ensure that our solutions meet their specific requirements and quality standards before making a purchase, enhancing their confidence in our products.  All of our printers are BS5609 capable; this standard, applied to marine use labels, is renowned for its stringent requirements, guaranteeing that our labels are exceptionally durable and maintain their integrity even in the harshest conditions.

We warmly invite both our valued customers and newcomers to visit our site and experience the exceptional service that Hibiscus Plc offers. Whether you’re seeking solutions for small-run GHS/CLP label printing or require assistance with print testing for specific product requirements, our expert team is committed to providing you with the guidance and expertise you need.

Contact Hibiscus today on 0113 242 4272 or via email at Enquiries@hibiscus-plc.com