Simultaneously measure up to 6 parameters – 9 x quicker than with conventional methods

Anton Paar is proud to have spent decades refining beer analysis solutions for every step of

your production process. They are intelligent, intuitive, automatic and simple. Tested by

time, they’re a taste of the future. Now let us help you make excellent beer:

Wort analysis

Ensure premium wort quality in lauter tuns, brewing kettles and whirlpools.

Fermentation control

Continuously monitor your fermentation process.


Store your beer in the conditions it deserves, for a fine finish.


Measure your final quality parameters without the need for sample preparation


  • Meet the highest quality standards – up to 6 parameters, 9x quicker than with conventional methods
  • Cover all analysis tasks – from wort to finished product – with one single lab system
  • Automated calibration, minimum cleaning – save 2h in a day

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