With its broad portfolio of analysing instruments for tank terminals – ranging from portable devices for use in hazardous environments to highly accurate lab instruments and inline equipment for real-time results – Anton Paar helps customers implement their own 24/7 lab base and perform essential tests in just a few minutes. No matter the number and type of products traded and stored at a tank terminal, Anton Paar has a combination of solutions for it.

Crude Oil Analysis

Anton Paar helps customers optimise the flow behaviour of traded crude oil, which ensures good pumpability for transport. When customers choose to conduct rheological tests and viscosity measurements directly in-house, they can fine-tune their product composition without having to wait for an external partner’s help. Anton Paar offers a range of choices for this environment. Customers can start with simple lab analysis or use an online sensor, which delivers real-time results right from the pipe, and future-proofs a terminal.

Fuel Analysis

Anton Paar’s intrinsically safe portable density meters, along with its inline density and viscosity sensors, ensure faulty products are never accepted at delivery. This means our customers can have peace of mind that they’re distributing excellent quality products to their end customers. Before and after transportation, Anton Paar devices can help customers assess the storage behaviour of their finished products so they can predict how they behave under certain ambient conditions. To name some analytical capabilities in this field, Anton Paar provides oxidation stability testers, which provide 20x quicker results than traditional test methods, flash point and fire point testers with integrated safety features, and an Atmospheric Distillation Analyser with a high automation level.

Lubricant Analysis

With quick viscosity or density analysis, users can determine a product switch in their filling line, prevent mix-ups, fill or unload tank trucks effectively, and stop losing valuable product and money in the process. No matter if they need to monitor the exact mass of lubricants entering and leaving their terminal or ensure maximum safety during storage and transportation, Anton Paar has a range of instruments for every need (e.g., the SVM viscometer, which provides a 150 % higher throughput than manual glass capillary viscometers).

Bitumen and Asphalt Analysis

Gain insights into asphalt and bitumen products, and comply with internationally acknowledged standards. Whether it’s determining flammability or elasticity, or investigating stabilisation effects of emulsifiers or additives, Anton Paar has a solution that’s right for you. Our offering for this field includes DMA 4200 M for measuring density up to 200 °C or the SmartPave dynamic shear rheometer that can analyse unmodified and modified asphalt binder and bitumen.

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