RMG (Recruitment Management Group) is a specialist headhunting consultancy, we find exceptional people for our clients in the Science, Technologies, Engineering & Manufacturing sectors, in particular in Healthcare, Chemicals and in related leading-edge Technology arenas.

RMG is an award-winning business, that has been announced as a Northern Powerhouse partner and celebrates its Silver Anniversary this year.

Our success in recruiting outstanding candidates for our clients is due to our proven and effective search process. I understand a company has a fundamental choice when recruiting to get the right result. Ask yourself… Do you see recruiting good people as just a necessary COST or an INVESTMENT for the future?

There are a many ways to choose to recruit and a myriad of differing recruitment suppliers in the market, besides ‘doing it yourself’ by using a master vendor, internal recruitment teams or the internet. Understanding the differing strengths and weaknesses of using certain methods and approaches, I have chosen to work for RMG now for 13 years’ mainly as I know the targeted and tailored search process we undertake for our clients works time after time and I am able to deliver assignments rather than hit a dead end as with some practices used in the market.

We give you dedicated time, necessary to undertake a thorough retained campaign assignment within a contained timescale. It’s ‘HOW’ we go about our work that enables us to find the best people, beyond the readily available, accessible candidates in the market (although these are considered easily within any campaign.) We are able to source high-calibre, unique candidates (often in secure jobs, ‘just keeping an eye’ for their ideal next career move).

”RMG were able to search deeply into different areas that we hadn’t thought of looking.”

We tailor each headhunt search to each individual recruitment need. We find, attract, vet and place candidates across all functional disciplines, at mid, senior management and Board level, for roles based across the UK and internationally. We know that attracting skilled talent, especially technical, engineering and leadership skills, into the Chemicals and STEM sector is imperative for the sustainability of our industry sector and for the UK to continue being at the leading edge of technology.

A few tips to attract the best candidates:

  • Be proactive, don’t sit on your laurels
  • Attracting skilled candidates needs effort; interviews must be two-way
  • Use innovative ideas to attract and retain apprentices and STEM graduates; continually providing development and training to ensure your succession planning and their interest
  • Don’t get into a battle of spiralling salaries in the market, think creatively, let your overall package encompass incentives and flexible benefits, relocation contribution, performance related bonuses etc.
  • In severe areas of skill-shortages eg; engineering discipline, avoid your good (trained) candidates getting poached to related industrial sectors and blue chips
  • Step off the ‘merry-go-round’ and attract engineers to train from different sectors
  • Be prepared to compete – sell the attractiveness, benefits and future prospects of your company and industry
  • Excellent candidates are also busy people with commitments too; simple, basic courtesies and first impressions are important
  • The offer process (and negotiation if needed) is better done by a third party!

A retained process is an added-value service, compared to a ‘contingency’ approach and ‘developing relationships’ is the important key to enable you to find a candidate who gels with your team and culture fit (you can’t know that from a CV) and between a recruiting manager and an individual recruitment adviser!

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