From microelectronics and cutting tools, to various types of medical equipment, PVD and CVD hard coatings influence many aspects of life in today’s world. Beginner or expert, big budget or small, Anton Paar’s broadest industrial portfolio on the market offers the right solution for you.


Anton Paar’s indentation instruments – Hit 300 and MCT3 – can easily determine properties such as hardness, elastic modules, and depth profiling for various materials. With these instruments, measurements can be conducted 2x faster than with other comparable instruments because no thermal stabilization time is required.


RST3 and MCT3, Anton Paar’s scratch testers, let users easily determine coating adhesion. Thanks to the scratch panorama picture synchronized with measurement data, coating quality can be checked whenever needed. Conventional hardness testing feature, available on these instruments, eliminate the need for an additional instrument, which drives down costs and reduces much-needed lab space.

Coating thickness determination

Anton Paar’s Calotest determines coating thickness in just one or two minutes. Its mechanical arm lets operators perform quality control tests directly at the production line – no matter the shape, size, or form of the sample.


TRB3 simulates a final product’s usage conditions thanks to its available options and gives feedback on friction and coating wear resistance. Friction and wear resistance are two of the mechanical properties directly linked to the lifetime of a coating.

Tough instruments for tough environments

Anton Paar has designed the instruments in its hard coatings portfolio to be robust, meaning these can be used in any rough, industrial environment. The instruments are made from high-quality materials, and all sensitive parts are well protected. What’s more, the instruments are designed to last at least 15 years.

Reliable results, guaranteed

For the instruments in the portfolio, Anton Paar offers reference sample kits that let users verify the performance of instruments whenever they need to. This ensures these instruments are always in top condition and delivering reliable results. In addition, the portfolio’s instruments come with an application-specific support database that gets users started in their measuring process quickly and helps them navigate challenges.

The joy of flexibility

Some of the instruments in the portfolio – Hit 300, TRB3, and Calotest – are extremely easy to transport and install. This means they can be placed on a production site for a quick quality check and moved back to the lab afterwards.

Decades of experience meets a global service network

With decades of experience in the hard coatings industry under its belt, Anton Paar has sold over 2,000 of the instruments that are in its hard coatings portfolio. With its service network spread over 86 locations around the globe, Anton Paar can help customers navigate the challenges of this industry wherever they are and with whatever they need.

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