DEFT, (Digital Enabled Formulation Toolset) is a scalable, laboratory digital network product from Applied Scientific Technologies Limited integrating and standardising bench-top instrument communication protocols in R&D and chemical formulation labs. DEFT can work as a stand-alone system or as part of an existing LIMS or ELN connected laboratory automation infrastructure. At the heart of the system is the DEFT Gateway which combines Bluetooth SmartTag instrument connectivity with Wi-Fi protocol to connect any lab instrument to a secure network all controlled from within the DEFT App to design and monitor experiments in a digital world.

Aimed at the bench scientist, DEFT unobtrusively captures the process parameters and instrument data providing the ‘information gap’ when comparing manually made bench formulations and has a host of additional features such as experimental design, video/image capture, SOP workflow control, remote access, and site Asset Management worthy of a fully digital Lab-of-the-Future program.

The latest addition to our growing lab instrument library is the Radwag XA82 Analytical Balance.

The Radwag XA82 analytical balance is designed for accurately measuring mg to g amounts of solid or liquid reagents. The features of the instrument are controlled via the front touch screen panel. Integrating it into the DEFT automates many of the actions to ensure correct use and data integrity to reduce transcription errors significantly as all processes, parameters and data is captured digitally and can be viewed as an audit and data output file.


DEFT turns the instrument into a Smart device (Internet of Lab Things (IoLT)) to allow communication to it via Bluetooth using our SmartTag and the RS232 / USB communications port. Indeed, DEFT can be integrated with any legacy laboratory instrument that has a standard communication port. The SmartTag turns all commands and data returns into Bluetooth to be read by the DEFT Gateway from within the DEFT App using a Wi-Fi protocol.  In turn, the DEFT App controls all functions provided by the instrument remotely, such as: open door, close door, weigh request, Tare and can record all inputs / outputs to an audit and data file including any operator action or interaction.

The SiLA 2 drivers are developed as a combination of standard SiLA features allowing for greater code reuse when integrating other supplier equipment reducing time to market and effort to integrate further laboratory instruments from Radweg or any other similar instrument. This also allows us to use devices with minimal changes to the application. Along with being user-friendly this has the potential to reduce the learning curve for using new devices and speeds the adoption of IoLT standards in the laboratory. SiLA (Standardisation in Lab Automation) enables Lab-of-the-Future technology through free and open communication protocols and data standards. The adopting of SiLA helps to future proof lab equipment by enabling end-to-end integration with lab instruments and allows them to connect to each other are share data more seamlessly.





Above – DEFT and a typical R&D or chemical laboratory (balance, pipettor (or pump), stirrer, temperature probe

DEFT is cloud-ready to allow Asset Management, remote access and Over-The-Air updates seamlessly integrating into any digital laboratory environment. Implementing SiLA communication protocols for this technology provides many benefits such as digital information capture and standard DEFT benefits which include specific user experimental design and workflow integration via an Android Tablet or mobile phone App. The Tablet App GUI is intuitive and requires no formal training. The App allows many functions that are not possible when using the device alone such as capturing all communication and data, allowing the device to be controlled wirelessly and automatically run multiple experiments in sequence under user control.

Applied Scientific Technologies (AST) is an emerging, innovative spin-out company founded in 2017 based in Stokesley, North Yorkshire. Founded by two directors from Applied Integration UK Ltd, a company celebrating its 15th working anniversary. AST are innovative specialists in robotics, automated control systems and hardware integration in the laboratory, chemical, pharmaceutical, physical and life science industries supporting your laboratory digitalisation journey.