Solutions for your Solution: Highly accurate technologies for laboratory, at-line, and process measurement.

Anton Paar’s 65 years’ experience in measurement technology and extensive application know-how make it a strong partner in the complex field of acids and bases measurement. We offer reliable, highly accurate technologies for laboratory, at-line, and process measurement. They’re ideal for quality control and R&D, and ensure smooth operation across your entire production facilities. Whatever your specific measuring requirements, we have solutions for your solution.

Anton Paar’s concentration determination portfolio for binary and ternary liquids comprises various technologies with a focus on density, refractive index, and sound velocity. They permit concentration measurement with low sample volumes and without consumable material for precise, cost-effective results.

Our skilled team of specialists, ranging from process engineers to chemists, provides extensive knowledge across a variety of industries. We offer comprehensive, professional support for customer-specific application development. We either deliver a solution drawn directly from our extensive application database, or we develop a tailored application for your sample.

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