3M, the science-based technology company, has added a 10” filter cartridge and housing (referred to collectively as a filter system) to its High Flow Filter System range, extending its capability to lower process flow applications, including modular water treatment systems and filling lines.

The new High Flow 10” Filter Cartridge from 3M uses the same proprietary high-efficiency polypropylene microfibre filter media as the existing 40” and 60” length versions. The compound radial pleat structure and large diameter core offers the same significant advantages: high flow rates per filter cartridge in a compact design, allowing fast and easy filter change-outs.

The flow rate capability (up to 19.3m3/hr) and very compact footprint of the High Flow 10” Filter System from 3M also offers an ideal solution for upstream pre-filtration to membrane systems including, but not limited to, Liqui-Cel Membrane Contactors by 3M for gas exchange applications and standard reverse osmosis units, to help optimise membrane service life. 

The full range of High Flow Filter Systems from 3M offers a broad spectrum of use across many industries including food and beverage, chemicals, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals and electronics in applications such as condensate treatment, RO prefiltration and process and blending water.

The key benefit of High Flow Filter Systems from 3M is their high filtration efficiency in a small footprint. This is mainly down to the large diameter, compound radial pleat design of the filter cartridge itself, which maximises surface area within each cartridge allowing for higher throughputs and increased service life.

This results in up to a 90 per cent reduction in the number of filter cartridges required, compared with conventional 2.5” (63.5mm) outer diameter (OD) filter systems. Fewer filter cartridges mean that 3M High Flow Filter Housings are up to 50 per cent smaller than filter housings for conventional filter cartridges which can reduce up-front capital requirements. 

Other benefits include:

  • High particle retention efficiencies: the polypropylene fibre construction and compound radial pleat design ensures 99.9 per cent particle capture for optimum protection of downstream equipment.
  • Ease of use: fewer cartridges makes filter change-outs quicker and easier, while the Twist-to-Lock design ensures proper sealing – which reduces the possibility of bypass.
  • The filters also offer operational differential pressure up to 3.4 bar (with a recommended change out of 2.4 bar), plus compliance with Food Contact Directive (EC) 1935/200

The 1-70 micron absolute rated cartridges in 10”, 40” and 60” length filter cartridges accommodate flow rates of up to 19.3 m3/hr, 80 m3/hr, 113 m3/hr respectively.

3M manufactures a range of membrane connectors called Liqui-Cel Membrane Contactors by 3M, for degassing applications, predominantly C02 and O2 removal from water or other liquid streams. Upstream pre-filtration of High Flow Filter Cartridges from 3M to a membrane contactor or reverse osmosis unit will help optimise the life of the membrane. The 3M High Flow Filter System range offers an ideal solution to reduce capital and operating expenditure due to its high flow capacity and compact footprint, especially in modular water treatment systems.

The High Flow 10” Filter System from 3M is available now.

For further details on this product range, visit 3M.co.uk/highflow  or 3Mireland.ie/highflow