It is imperative that fast, sensitive, and cost-effective virus testing is available to the masses to ensure that viral outbreaks can be effectively controlled. Screen-printed electrodes (SPEs) allow rapid, widespread testing of populations for infectious disease, without the need of skilled personnel or burdensome equipment in the field.

Metrohm DropSens, as a manufacturer of SPEs as well as their compact measuring devices, is the right partner for virology research projects. With a high production capability, combined with a valid ISO 13485 certification DropSens SPEs can be reliably scaled up for larger operations, with easier approval by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Metrohm DropSens can design custom-made SPEs and offers the expertise and exceptional customer support needed for complicated projects at scale.

General viral testing methods and their drawbacks

Viral testing can be accomplished via several different methods. However, several drawbacks such as high cost, complicated procedures, bulky instruments and long wait times affect availability to the mass population.

Benefits of electrochemical testing


Results are obtained within minutes, rather than hours or days with other conventional techniques. Earlier response is vital to stopping the spread of disease and the key to saving lives.

Limit of detection

The high adsorption capabilities of carbon-based working electrodes where certain recognition elements are attached play a key role in the improvement of sensitivity.

Ease of use

The compact size of the measuring device, not to mention the SPEs themselves, equates to complete portability for testing on the go.


The low cost per test is a great advantage of using screen-printed electrodes for virology studies. The affordability and portability of SPEs and their measuring devices makes this technique much more attractive.

Regulatory approval

Metrohm DropSens is certified by ISO 13485 «Manufacturing of sensors for medical devices». This certification permits a simpler pathway to regulatory approval (such as by the FDA).


Metrohm DropSens has the technology to develop screen-printed electrodes based on the individual needs of the customer.


The large-scale manufacturing capabilities at Metrohm DropSens guarantee a trusted, reliable source for the mass production of SPEs suitable for viral testing. With decades of electrochemical expertise, a worldwide distribution network, and top class after-sales support, the widespread commercialization of tests developed on these products is no problem.

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